Kivuli Innovation and Incubation Center (KIIC)

The Concept
Kivuli is the Swahili word for shade, a place of retreat.  As the name suggests, Kivuli Innovation and Incubation Center is a membership organization that provides youth (high school, university students and recent graduates) a space to collaborate, co-work, innovate and incubate new ideas and projects in a serene environment.

Our Approach
At Kivuli we believe what Abraham Lincoln once said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Given this belief, a team of experts and professionals team up with the members to work with them to develop their skills as they map out the next chapter of their lives. They mentor, inspire, and influence the members to develop initiatives that will help them not only become well-prepared job seekers, but job creators who will contribute and make a positive change in their lives and that of the society.

Our Pillars


Kivuli will be interested in members who can improve crop production in Kisumu all year round to enhance food security during long and short rain seasons, improve animal production while at the same time gain financial independence. 

Tourism & Hospitality

Kisumu County has potential for eco-tourism.  Kivuli will invite members with innovative ideas on how to conserve the natural ecosystem while promoting it for tourism.

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Waste Management

According to research, new initiatives from waste entrepreneurs and community-based organizations are needed to build on the current waste management system in Kisumu City as well as urban centers to curb the growing, uncontrollable amount of waste being generated. Kivuli will support members with innovative ideas on how to manage waste in Kisumu City as well as other urban centers.


With Kenya quickly becoming a top ICT hub in East Africa,Kivuli will be interested in members with innovations in ICT as a pillar or who can incorporate ICT in any of the other 4 pillars of the organization.

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Forest Conservation

According to recent mapping, Kisumu County was found to be one of the counties with the lowest forest cover at 0.45%.  Kivuli welcomes members with innovative ideas on how to conserve the existing forest cover and contribute its increase while improving income generation.

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